2020 Dodge Viper
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2020 Dodge Viper – However the lately stopped Dodge two-seater is currently away from producing as well as its plant is closed down, Dodge is going to be planning coming back with the legendary Viper, a vehicle automobile that embodied the business’s power since it sailed financial hardships.

The first Viper concept vehicle came out on the Detroit Auto Show within 1989, and the following year’s present will probably make the 30th anniversary of their first appearance. Business sector claims state that Dodge makes use of the opportunity to introduce the concept form of a brand new Viper two-seat super sports car that might arrive at showrooms as soon as 2020.

The Iconic 2020 Dodge Viper is Already Dead or On Its Way to Comeback?

AutospiX – 2010 has been the last model year to the Viper, while it made a short and even thrilling return in 2013. On the other hand, it wasn’t to remain, and then the Viper just survived through to the 2017 model year.

2020 Dodge Viper
Dodge Viper – Source:

Or even made it happen? Don’t rush out to the local Dodge car dealership, since not a thing is proven still. In spite of this, there are lots of online rumors that specify how the Viper may be coming back after 2020, while few headlines have to say 2021 or 2019.

Will Come Back as a 2020 Dodge Viper?

Headlines about the end of manufacture of the vehicle had been combined with the manufacturer’s claims that this growth of a brand new generation on the model isn’t projected.

Currently, there is fresh information. By rumors, Dodge Viper is going to be elevated as well as its come back is planned for 2020 Dodge Viper, like Car and Driver has been said.

Introduced in Its 30th Anniversary at Detroit

The Dodge Viper will probably come back for the 30th anniversary on the authentic Viper’s first appearance, along with V8 engines instead of that old V10. The rumor has been spread over the headlines of the online automotive news, but we are here to tell you what’s going on recently.

1989 Dodge Viper RT10
1989 Dodge Viper RT10 – Source:

The exhibition for the next-gen design could be located in 2019 Detroit Auto Show honoring the 30th anniversary from the original Viper concept. A successive vehicle can continue sale after a year and one half at a selling price of around $90,000.

Viper Keep Its Distinctive Design

The Viper will probably keep the exceptional design, thus a good front-engine, rear wheel drive setup is going to be expected. The reduced power indicates weight-saving might be a top priority, a sturdy aluminum spaceframe, as well as carbon fiber body-work, are anticipated.

Even though it’ll be constructed by the outside expert, due to the closing with the Viper plant a few years ago, the Viper will probably be introduced as being a convertible. Later on, the 700-hp type will probably show up, most likely using a serious version similar to the Viper ACR of 2016.

A motorsport competition is additionally likely to take the Dodge brand name returning to the GT3 championships. But rumors don’t always happen, right? Let’s wait and see.

Sports Car with Modern Technology

The Dodge Viper started being a discussion around February of 1988 among Chrysler’s chief executive, Robert A. Lutz, together with the chief of design, Tom Gale. In the beginning, Lutz desired a new sports car with more top-of-the-line technological innovation packed in it.

However the first Viper had benefited from all of today’s technology offered, the real elegance was at a fundamental way of overall performance. The Viper underwent several updates in the next generations. However, the financial failure of 2008 labeled the end with the Viper as well as other luxurious cars similar to it.

Prefix Corporation as a New Plant

Considering the Viper’s Connor Avenue Assembly plant currently meet its dead, expect to see producing for the Neo-Viper to become outsourcing, like Ford executes its GT. Dodge’s builders’ selected looks gonna be Prefix Corporation which in turn constructed the Viper Targa in the past.

Dodge Viper Targa
Dodge Viper Targa – Source:

Together with brand-new, stronger powertrain as well as modern-day framework design, we all believe the fact that the Viper dedicated will probably greet the up-to-date model of this vehicle. We cannot wait for the Detroit Auto Show!

2020 Dodge Viper Engine Specs

A good 550bhp aspirated machine will strength the entry-level Viper, by Car and Driver. However, the selection is predicted to deliver a 700bhp V8 distributed to the brand’s upcoming Hellcat muscle cars.

2020 Dodge Viper Engine
Dodge Viper Engine


That’s less than the earlier 8.4-liter V-10 placed with 640-hp. However, the brand-new vehicle is going to be substantially brighter because of the weighty utilization of aluminum as well as carbon fiber.

The engine will probably be a robust all-new aluminum V8 to exchange the Hemi component at the moment applied over fast Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) units. Even though it’s going to keep the similar front-engine, rear-wheel-drive design, the next-generation 2020 Dodge Viper won’t work out on a V-10 engine.

Borrow the Maserati & Alfa Romeo Platform

The people from the Allpar community forums get a reasonably different circumstance for the upcoming 2020 Dodge Viper, mainly when talking about the schedule. Considering the following 2020 Viper probably developed about the same platform like the upcoming Maserati Alfieri along with Alfa Romeo 6C, the official release may not take place ahead of 2022.

The source also states how the naturally aspirated version would use a 7.0-liter V-8 engine made for the Ram Rebel pickup. The supercharged mill within the range-topping edition could also be the next-generation 6.2-liter Hellcat engine.

Will Use the Independent Suspension

Hints are that this 2020 Dodge Viper will make use of a spaceframe along with independent back and front suspension. The trademark extended hood together with the engine hidden at the rear of front side axle will even continue by previous generations from the Viper.

The body is going to be manufactured from aluminum as well as carbon fiber to maintain the car’s bodyweight as small as possible. In contrast to the 5th generation within the Viper, convertibles are going to be offered by the beginning as the Coupe may come a few years as time goes on.

Rebirth as a Convertible Model

One thing that makes us interested is Car and Driver says that the brand-new Viper will probably release as being a convertible version. However the classic Viper came out as being a roadster, the latest-generation vehicle was presented being a Coupe purely, without any drop-top featured since 2010. The Coupe may also come back several years after release.

Dodge Viper Convertible
Dodge Viper Convertible – Source:

2020 Dodge Viper Release Date & Pricing

In the US, 2020 Dodge Viper will cost you about $90,000 (approximately £67,000) will be mooted as a way to get a bigger marketplace as compared to high-priced American supercar choices.

The Viper seriously isn’t unlikely to arrive in the UK. However, some grey imports or grey market are guaranteed to help it become with limited units. So, let’s wait a little bit for its official statement.

Arrive with Manual Transmissions

Considering the Chevrolet Corvette changing to mid-engined structure, the Viper comes in a distinctive placement on the market, along with pricing to mirror the overall performance of its origins. Enthusiasts may also comprehend the high chance of the Viper being released that has a manual transmission.

As general, SRT might unveil greater outcome variants on the engine to the Viper’s performance trims, however, the great news at this point is how the sports car may ultimately receive a supercharged V-8 using more than 700 horsepower.

This has to be workable as Dodge currently delivers about three cars with over 700 horses, the Charger along with Challenger Hellcats together with the Challenger Demon. Each drivetrain will indeed apparently companion with manual gearboxes.

Is Dodge Viper Already Dead?

It’s been at least a few years since Dodge has axed the Viper name, however, expectations and desires for the rebirth haven’t kept on the road. Yes, it is predictable – the Viper is becoming a legendary brand name, the one that won’t be easily got rid of through stopping the manufacturing.

Dodge Viper
Dodge Viper – Source:

It honestly didn’t take very long with the Viper rebirth rumors to show up when the legendary sports car was stopping in 2017. The American business has recently refuted rumors relating to the Viper’s returning.

These folks were rapidly about this, getting rid of the rumors in just time. However, if the American marque truly does recreate the nameplate, it could be a thing that everybody would likely commemorate about. – US Automotive News

Note: In fact, we don’t know if the manufacturer will rebuild the Viper sometime in the next few years. The points above are what to expect in case this iconic car comeback. But, let’s wait and see.


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